Well it seems we once again have no Knick on the all star team. Not to say they are all especially deserving of it when considered in a vacuum, but if you look at who was selected it seems that maybe one or two knicks could have been there instead of who was picked;

Jamaal Magloire - I think Kurt or Dikembe could have taken this spot, although I see the reason they picked this guy, Magloire's team has a winning record, and Mutumbo aint what he used to be.

Michael Redd - Although Redd is having a stellar season, I think Marbury could have been picked ahead of this guy, Marbury is a legitimate star and has automatically made the knicks a contender in the east. Before the knicks got Marbury the Bucks were clearly considered a better team, and now people would pick the Knicks to beat Milawaukee in a 7 game series, to me that signals Stephon is a step above Michael Redd.

And as a side note, although no Knick forward deserves to be there more then him, I dont like kenyon Martin. He is overated and is only good because of Kidd. I think i would have to search for good power forwards in th east but Im sure they could have found someone better then K-Mart. Ill just name a few.... Mehmet Okur, Shareef Abdur Rahim, Carlos Boozer, Lamar Odom, Tim Thomas, & Glenn Robinson. I would pick any of these players for my team any day over Kenyon Martin. Id even take our own Keith Van Horn over KMart. Chalk Van Horn up on the list of overlooked Knicks.