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    Stern says the Knicks will be better in 09. Stern probably will somehow fire Isiah himself, (wow thats embarrassing for Isiah Thomas)
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    He also knows about trade offers from other teams about wanting Eddy Curry, Z Bo, and Fred Jones. It should be a busy trade deadline.

    Kenny Smith.. Thats all I here rumors about..

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    David Stern isn't allowed to fire Isiah. The only thing he can do is pressure Dolan into firing him, which Dolan can decide not to, if he wants. As for the Deadline, I don't see any trade of Isiah's making us any better. He dropped the ball by not making ANY offers for Shawn Marion, Pau Gasol, Mike Bibby, or Artest. Those were the top guys up for grabs and he turned them all down. All we can do is hope we get rid of Curry for a draft pick or smaller contract, get rid of Randolph for an expiring contract, or hope someone is stupid enough to give us draft picks for Jamal.But Isiah said Jamal is one of the players he will NOT trade, despite his 20 ppg making him valuable.The number one guy that has to go, though is EDDY CURRY. I think we can live with Randolph and Crawford as role players. Curry is just a liabilty, whether he starts, comes off the bench, or is used as a 2nd or 3rd option.

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    Looks like the trade of Zach Randolph to the nuggets was just a fallacy. There is no truth to that rumor. The nuggets also are saying that they don't know if artes along with AI, Carmelo, and J.R. Smith would be a good fit. Let's see ehat happens 2 more days to the deadline.

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    the 'black-hole', 'wide-load' are here to stay.. there was only one gm stupid enough to trade for both of em... and all 3 of em are ours..all ours...

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