I developed a strong interest in NCAA basketball last year and its really addicting. I respect how MSG feels and I use to feel the same way as he did about the NBA vs NCAA.

But at this point, I guess I favor the NCAA now because Knicks are so depressing. For me; theres mad PUERTO RICANS in NCAA it should be illegal, the island is only 3.8 mil, but theres like a good ammount of 20 dudes...that shouldn't happend, lol. Being a Dominirican, I gotta show love. Other than that, I keep following NYC products; sadly they don't go to NYC schools anymore, instead they go to Seton Hall(Lang), Pittsburg(Roman, fellow Dominican brother), Louisville(Sosa, fellow Dominican brother), and mad other places...it sucks. St John's needs to step it up; I wish Fordham developed an insane recruiting program and got some of the best finest to Fordham, the A10 is a SICK big conference now and they bringing the power back to the East.

Jonathan Rodriguez is one of the best in the nation in scoring and rebounding, playing for Cambell, Javi Gonzalez is the starting PG for NC State, AD Vassallo one of the best shooters/scorers in the ACC at VT. I could seriously go on with the other guys in the other divisions, just naming a few.

Other thing about NCAA is that there are so many divisions and teams that match up against each other. It seems like no matter how many good teams they are, theres always a team that matches up with the other, and that really brings interest to the same. Plus in NCAA, theres much more pressure and defense played; along with the crowd intensity of drunk college students. Drunk college students > Families, yuppies, and celebs at NBA games.

Team ball is emphasized; where as superstar isolation over and over can get boring. I rather see a guy earned his buckets, which most of the buckets in the NCAA are earned; where as in the NBA Dwayne Wade has a free ticket to the free throw line.

Another reason links back to the fact I'm a Knick fan. I want to study the prospects and scout them; so I can know who we should draft and pick up and let people know the guys with the best work ethic. I've always been a draft junkie too, so I use to watch a lot of Euroleague basketball and BSN(Basketball league in PR) and especially any FIBA tournament I could get my eyes on.

I guess basketball is one of the most exciting sports to watch for me, NCAA just makes it that much exciting. Hell if my college was good as there were when Luis Flores was balling(fellow Dominican brother), I would even have more interest! I go to classes with some of the Jaspers from Manhattan, cool dudes who sleep a lot.

Buy the college basketball game with Greg Oden on it...in my opinion > NBA 2K8. Even the NCAA video game is better than the NBA one.

But once Knicks get back on track(hopefully), I'll drop my affair with NCAA basketball and go back happyly ever after with the Knicks once Isiah is behead and Dolan is getting ****ted on by blacks and puerto rocks throughout the bronx for a period of 3 weeks till he dies of a deadly odor.