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Simple fix to me.




Heat get what they want and we get the cap space and minutes for Lee, Balkman, and James. And yes i know i just used Jerome James.

The only thing that scares me is giving Curry to Riley (a great big man teacher) and the Heat for nothing. If Curry every puts it together he could haunt us for awhile, but thats a big IF.

I'd rather trade him out west but i don't think you could turn it down.
Great trade idea! As long as we don't gotta stay with Curry or get Carter, I'm fine with it. Another trade I don't want is Crawford for Hughes. I don't like players that get paid to wear suits on the bench. We need guys who can handle an 82 game season.The trades I fear most are the following: Carter to the Knicks(will destroy our cap even more) and Hughes to the Knicks(will make Cleveland even more of a contender than they are) and Randolph to Miami(will make Miami a playoff team again).