I voted for Nate Robinson to win the fight against Z-Bo. We all know that Randolph is buns. Anyway, about tonight's game.This game is very important as far as playoffs are concerned. I am very pesimistic, so I don't think the Knicks have a chance in hell to make it, but since they are mathematically in it, that's why I'm bring up the importance of this game.The 76ers are in 8th place, and the Knicks are 6.5 games behind. If the Knicks win tonight, they will narrow the margin to 5.5 games behind.If the Nets lose, then the Knicks will be 5.5 games out of the 7th and 8th spot. I say the Knicks lose this game. The Knicks have blown every opportunity they've had to make the playoffs, so what makes this game any different? The Knicks are buried in the dirt, and they will continue to be buried.