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    Default Knicks 2007-2008 Season Recap

    We are 54 games into the regular season, and the Knicks are 16-38.
    Let's take a look at all the events that have led us to such a great season.

    Isiah Thomas has a sexual harrassment lawsuit against him, and
    Anucha Brown ends up embarrassing him and winning her case. She
    wins the battle and the war, as she was granted 11 million dollars.
    2007-2008 pre-season
    -Isiah Thomas puts Allan Houston on his 18 man roster, and let's him try out for the team.

    After seeing how crappy the Knicks are, Allan Houston decided he should stay in retirement, and not be a part of this JV High School basketball team.

    Next, Knicks face Macabi Elite Tel Aviv. Vonteego Cummings has a message for the Knicks, but the Knicks are up to the challenge and win by 25.

    -Later on, Knicks get embarrased by Celtics and lose by 40 points in Boston. Knicks get revenge and bust their ass at the Garden, though.
    -Despite all the controversy with Anucha Brown and ass whoppin that the Knicks recieved from the Celtics, the Knicks finish preseason with an above .500 4-3 record.

    -Next, the Knicks get ****y and have commercials where loyal Knick fans talk about how great the Knicks are gonna be, even though everyone knows the Knicks suck.One person says the Knicks have a formidable line up with
    Eddy Curry and Zach Randolph and David Lee.Other Knick fans have rituals while cheering for their team.

    2007-2008 Regular season begins
    Knicks lose season opener to Cavs 106-110, however, Z-Bo and E-City each finish with impressive numbers;
    Randolph 21 points 14 rebounds(5 off)
    3 assists, 2 steals, 1 block
    Curry 18 points, 7 rebounds, 1 block,1 to

    Based on the season opener, Curry and Randolph sure look formidable.

    After losing the season opener, Knicks win two in a row for a .667 record, a 2-1 start, and a playoff spot.

    After the Knicks lose to the Miami Heat, the Knicks are 2-3, so Isiah decides it's time to make Marbury a scapegoat and he benches him.
    Marbury, you suck. I'm gonna have to bench you. We will be so much more better with you on the bench.

    F*ck you, Isiah. I'm going to New York.

    The Knicks would go on to lose 8 in a row, and drop to 2-9. Then, the Knicks would lose to Boston by 45, on national television.

    Jamal Crawford helps us son the New Jersey Nets, averaging over 30 ppg against the Nets. Knicks are now 3-0 against New Jersey, thanks to Crawford.However, the Knicks finish the month of December with just 3 wins, and the Knicks are 8-21, by the end of 2007.
    (Property of Jamal Crawford)
    I own you!
    New Year's resolution

    Son, I'm going to give you the keys to the franchise.
    -Isiah let's Jamal become our franchise player, even though Crawford never plays defense and only plays well offensively, one out of 5 games.

    Later in January, Knicks go on a 3 game winning streak(5 out of 7 overall)
    and all of a sudden, people start to think the Knicks are better without Marbury. The Knicks' current 16-38 record proves otherwise, though.

    The Knicks looked like they would never lose by 40 points again, this season, after competing in every game in January and the first half of February. SURPRISE! Knicks lose by 40 to the 76ers!

    Trade Deadline
    Isiah says Jamal is "untouchable" and that he will not trade him, Nate Robinson, or David Lee. It turns out Isiah trades nobody, and he has fallen into the rapture of love with this Knick team.

    Current record: 16-38

    Great SEASON!
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