The main reason this team is losing is because of poor decision making. The minute Isierr saw Eddy Curry, Zach Randolph, and Jamal Crawford not playing with any defense, he should've changed his starting lineup. I have no idea how you could let these 3 play in the starting lineup at the same time.They can score, so I have no problem with giving them playing time. But don't put them together so that teams can hit wide open 3's and drive to the baket for lay ups, dunks, and 3 point plays.He should've been let Chandler, Balkman, Nate Robinson, David Lee,Jerome James(he makes too much money to be on the bench) and Randolph Morris get minutes.Also, whether people like it or not, we miss Marbury, cause he's our only true point guard.I'd trust him to provide leadership and to move the ball up and down the floor before trusting Jamal Crawford(who just chucks) and Nate Robinson(who's a bad defender due to his size) and Mardy Collins(who looks like Marbury with his new shaved head but can't even hit a jump shot or a lay up or a free throw).