I know the knicks suck, but we have to be optimistic. As long as Isaiah doesn't f- it ip, there is hope. Here is a list of teams that have been able to turn it around in the last decade after having a horrific season like the Knicks are having, with a great draft choice:

Portland Trailblazers
2006 nba draft
drafts Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge
2007 Greg Ogden. Bright future.
Portland currently 29-25
before last draft record: 21-61

Utah Jazz
2005 draft
selected Deron williams with the third pick
Current record: 35-19
Before draft: 26-56

New orleans Hornets
selected chris paul with the fourth pick
Current record: 37-15
Before draft pick: 18-64

Orlando Magic
2004 draft #1 pick goes to orlando
Select dwight howard
Current record:34-22
record prior to draft: 21-61

Cleveland Cavaliers

2003 draft
say no more
# 1 pick lebron James Cleveland
Current record:30-24
Appeared in Finals
Record prior to draft: 17-65

Denver nuggets
# 3 pick Carmelo Anthony
Current record: 33-20
Record prior o draft: 17-65

Toronto Raptors
# 4 pick Chris Bosh
Current record 29-23
won the atlantic last year
Record prior: 24-58

Miami Heat
# 5 pick Dwayne Wade
Current record: 9-43
did win an Nba Championship already
Record prior: 25-57

Houston Rockets
2002 draft
# 1 pick Yao ming
Current record: 34-20
Record prior to draft: 28-54

Phoenix Suns
# 9 pick Amare Stoudamire
Current record 37-17
Record Prior to draft: 36-46

New Jersey Nets
2000 Kenyon Martin # 1 pick
Went to finals 2 times
Prior record :31-51

Toronto Raptors
1998 draft
# 5 Vince Carter Made them relevant
previous record prior to draft: 16-66
made the playoffs 2 years later. first time in franchise history

San Antonio Spurs
1997 draft
# 1 pick Tim Duncan
Say no more, we know what he has done
previous record: 20-62

So I believe strongly in a good draft pick and obviously surrounding that player with talent and a supporting cast. Not all these players were the # 1 pick, but they were in the top 5 for the most part, with the exception of Stoudamire. Hope the Knicks draft well and we have something to look forward to.