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Isiah also gave away our 2009 second round pick as part of the Curry trade.And if the Knicks finish with a top 9 NBA record in 2009, we'll lose our 2009 first round pick, too, as part of the Marbury trade.When you look at all the stupid things Isiah has done, it's shocking how Jim Dolan has not even thought about firing Isiah.He was even planning to give away this year's draft pick. We're just lucky to have a team that's 17-38.If not, the Jazz would have our pick for this year, too, and they'd take it with a smile.And as Paris pointed out, we can't forget about Draft night. Isiah also has the option to trade away our first round pick and second round pick, if he chooses.
abcd, I really appreciate you picking up the Isiah bashing bat for me and smacking Isiah around like Albert Pujos smacking a baseball. I've been bashing Isiah for atleast 4 years already, but this 2007-08 season really drained me and my passion to bash Isiah and defend our Knicks. Whenever that passion comes back its going to be an ugly day for Isiahsexuals. But for now you're doing an amazing job of pointing out the OBVIOUS FACTS NO ONE WANTS TO READ(Mainly closet Isiahsexuals). Isiah ruined this franchise plain and simple. I hate Dolan, but Dolan gave Isiah the freedom and the responsibility, Thomas ruined it and thats 100% his fault, no one else. Isiah HAD NO PRESSURE; he had all the time and freedom he needed to change this organization around. Layden was pressured by Dolan especially since Layden had to continue the success from the 90's with aging players.