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Chris Paul vs. Deron Williams

The past means nothing. If your talking about whos the better point guard right now, donít even bother looking at stats from last season or 5 years ago. For the record, the only season where Williams was better then Paul was the year Paul was hurt, if you count that.

Opposing argument - Deron Williams always outplays Chris Paul, every time

*In 2 games against Cleveland, Williams is only averaging 13ppg and 5topg, in 40.7 minutes. I guess this means Daniel Gibson is better the Deron Williams, right?

November 23

Chris Paul-15pts(5-12),6rbs,6asts,4to,2stls
Deron Williams-12pts(6-9),7asts,3rbs,4to, no steals/blocks

Close, but slight edge to Paul

February 4

Chris Paul-6pts(3-11),6asts,4rbs,1stl,5to,5pf
Deron Williams-29pts(11-13),11asts,3rbs,1stl,3to

Chris Paul wins again. Just kidding, Williams easily takes this one. Next game is February 29 in New Orleans. First 2 games were both played in Utah.

Do the above stats mean anything? Can you base your opinion of whoís the better player off of head to head matchups?

The answer is no. Its not like the Jazz and Hornets play each other all 82 games of the year.


I find it crazy that you base your opinion off of 4.8% of the season, which is 4 out of 82 games.

Lets look at the stats we should be looking at, for the entire season. I donít appreciate college dropouts wasting my time, thinking their on my level. So far almost all of this has been a waste of my time, because of your ignorance. I wont use abbreviations, just because you probably donít know what ppg and rpg mean.

2007-08 Stats

Deron Williams

37 minutes per game
19.3 points per game
9.7 assists per game
3 rebounds per game
51.8 field goal %
40.9 3 point %
80.2 Free throw %
1.17 steals per game
3.5 turnoves per game

Chris Paul

37.6 minutes per game
20.7 points per game
10.9 assists per game
4 rebounds per game
47.8 field goal %
87.8 free throw %
34.8 3 point %
2.7 steals per game
2.6 turnoves per game

Points: Chris Paul=+1.4
Assists: Chris Paul=+1.2
Rebounds: Chris Paul=+1

Field Goal%: Deron Williams=+4%
3 point %: Deron Williams=+6.1%

Free Throw %: Chris Paul=+7.6%
Steals: Chris Paul=+1.53 (Over twice as many as Williams)
Turnovers: Chris Paul= - .9topg

Chris Paul wins 6 to 2. But theres one last argument, who has better teammate? Lets find out:

Utah Jazz

Carlos Boozer-21.5ppg,10.8rpg
Mehmet Okur-13.1ppg,6.2rpg
Andrei Kirilenko-11.9ppg,5.4rpg,4.4apg,1.7bpg,1.4spg
Ronnie Brewer-11.8ppg
Kyle Korver-10.8ppg
Matt Harpring-8.3ppg
Paul Millsap-8.1ppg,5.7rpg

New Orleans Hornets

David West-19.8ppg,9.1rpg,1.3bpg
Peja Stojakovic-16.3ppg,4rpg
Tyson Chandler-12ppg,12.4rpg,1bpg
Morris Peterson-8.6ppg,2.9rpg
Jannero Pargo-8.1ppg,2.5apg
Bobby Jackson-7.1ppg,2.4rpg
Rasual Butler-5.2ppg

-After Williams, AK47 leads Jazz with 4.4 assists per game
-After Paul, Pargo leads Hornets with 2.5 assists per game

Its very easy to see that Deron Williams has more help then Chris Paul. We have to remember that Korver might only be averaging 10.8 points per game, but on a given night he can go off and score 20+ easily.

Chris Paul is a much better defender then Deron Williams. Not only is he averaging over twice as many steals per game, but several other point guards have had big scoring games against Williams, including Stephon Marbury.

I think this argument is over. Another loss for the college dropout. Your ignorance has wasted a lot of time. I sent a message recently to everyone, but apparently I have to re-send it.

When I say something, donít ever question me. I made an example out of you pancakes, when I say something believe it. I speak nothing but facts, and I promise embarrassment to anyone who tries to out-smarten me, like pancakes. Hes taken a big loss, I wouldnít be surprised to see him never come back onto again. IM not to be f*cked with, all you stupid f*ckas, im given you a free listen. Sit back and take notes, the f*ckin Gold Mac 10 is at it again. EC House special is the 1st ever example of a poster who is so dumb that they need to be banned.

Whos talkin about Deron Williams for MVP? No one, hes a good player but not an MVP. Chris Paul is arguably the best player in the league, he made David West an all-star.

Thatís all I got to say, next time you disagree with me remember this *******s.

Oh yea, for everyone who still dont know where the GOLD MAC 10 is from, here you go. Look at the last minute of the video.