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    Default An open letter to Isiah,

    I write this letter to you on the last day of the trading deadline. Pleading with you to do what is right. Do not try and make the team better by adding another piece or giving this failed experiement room to grow. I need you to dump as much salary and longterm contracts possible so the next gm can start from scratch. After this is accomplished I ask for you to resign. All you can keep is what is a little bit left of your pride and walk away. How many hall of fame coaches will it take, or sexual harrassment suits, fan chanting for your head, players leaving you high and dry, or acts of complete stupidity on your part such as patting a ref on the back of the head to get his attention, for you to realize you are not the right man for the job.

    I realize money is a huge factor and you will be walking away from plenty, but I am sure someone will offer you a grand amount to either coach in college or be an analyst on television. I do not completely blame you for your continued blumbing of the most prized job in the NBA. The blame can be shared with your friend James Dolan. He has allowed you to continually destroy this franchise for the past four years without as much as a warning.

    I write this letter without harsh words or slang because I do not want you to think I am just another irrational fan. I want you to rationally think about what I am saying and please leave our team quietly.

    The greatest exit you could make is without press confrence, editorial, interview, or speech. Just leave.

    Now please get the **** outta NYC,


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    job well donee....could not have said it better myself..

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    Now please get the **** outta NYC,
    Most cases, that's totally uncalled for.

    Not this one.

    Nothing changes until IT gets gone from this team. End of.

    He is an absolute disgrace to this once great team, and so is Dolan. Unfortunately, neither one of them cares about that. Not one little bit.

    Please, Isiah: Listen to the man. Go away, and don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. We don't want your apologies, or your excuses, and we really don't care about why you ****ed up this team so badly. We already know how.

    Please, just do all of the fans a favor and get the **** outta town. ASAP. You're light years past being a total suck-job as a GM/coach. Your photo should be next to the word "suck" in the dictionary.

    Please, just go back to being a former great player, and try to be great at doing that. This whole "GM/Head Coach" thing--and I don't mind telling you--it just isn't your bag, dude.

    Thank you in advance (and I did say please),
    Schoolyard Ball

    YOU SUCK. (Sorry, man, but you really just don't seem to be 'getting' that.)

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    Isiah seems to do the opposite of what everyone says, so maybe he'll do the right thing, if I say this. Isiah, you're an excellent GM and coach.I think Eddy and Zach are a great combination.They're Tim Duncan and David Robinson in the making. I love the fact that Zach and Eddy average a combined .6 blocks per game. That's some killer D.I also like how you benched Marbury. It was all his fault that the Knicks suck. He is responsible for what all 15 players on your team does, and he should've been blocking those shots, when Curry, Crawford, and Randolph just let their opponents go around them and get easy lay ups and dunks.I like what you've done with your son, Jamal Crawford.He's averaging 20 ppg and close to 5 assists. He's gonna be the next Kobe. Just give him some time. Who knows, maybe he'll have as great of a legacy as you, Isiah.And I liked the 30 million dollar contracts you gave to Jeffries and James. They deserved every penny, or should I say million. Jeffries and James are excellent defenders and they played lovely in Washington and Seattle.

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