Ok so as most of you know Kelvin Sampson has been dismissed as the coach of Indiana University. So I was thinking about how fitting the position would be for our coach and GM. Now as much as him being an ex Indiana star seems to be the obvious reason for my claim, that is just the tip of the iceberg.

In college a coach is pretty much the equivilent of a GM, meaning Isiah will be able to build his own type of squad, without having to think about a cap (not that he thinks too much about it now)!
He has a knack for young talent and has done well in the drafts, and college recruiting is not too different a concept. Blue Chip players are what lottery players are to the NBA, and they are all for the taking!

Now here's the road block Isiah has already puplically turned down the position, claiming he's focused on winning in NY (Larry Brown said the same thing about Detriot) but that is also another way of Isiah saying he wont quit this job, if he's fired he probably reconsider. Another road block is if I'm the Indiana Atletic Director amidst the termoil do I bring in Isiah Thomas, who has become the poster boy for termoil? I mean after all there is bound to be girls who are "easy on the eyes" at IU. I think they'll embrace him beacause he basically embodies the same princiaples as Bobby Knight minus the harshness that scared off most top high school players.

And lastly he has history with the school, as much as Isiah claims to have respect for our franchise, he just doesnt. if he did Ewing wouldve been added to our coaching staff last summer. Seriously that seems to be the most obvious choice if I'm Indiana, and Isiah will still be getting his Knick checks for the next three years, so he can work at entry level pay until he proves himself.

See it could be a win win for all, Dolan hires Colangelo to appease us Knick fans, Isiah can return to the last place where he still has some respectability, and life is good for all!