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I Have Nothing To Say, Other Than The Knicks Inching Ourselves To Be The Leading Candidates For The Lottery. And Did U See Quentin Richardson's Face When The Knicks Were Down By 15? I Was On A Knick Site And I Saw A Fan Criticizing Steph For Not Showing Up To Games When Injured, I Just Said To Myself, Ain't U Guys The Cats Who Said The Knicks Are Playing Better And That Steph Should Stay Away From The Team And That He Is A Cancer To The Team. This Shows How Ignorant And Unappreciative Some Knicks Fans Are, Now That He Is Not With The Team, U Are Whining. Love Him Or Hate Him He Is Still The Best Player We Have And If He Leaves New York, Mark On My Word, The Knicks Wouldn't Get Any Better Than What They Are.
Exactly, keep preeching. People fail to acknowledge the fact that Marbury is our only All Star, and that All Stars can not be replaced by guys that either lack NBA experience or are one dimensional. All everyone does is bring up the time where Marbury left the team in the game against Phoenix. Well what would you do if you're an All Star and someone wants to bench you for Mardy Collins? Isiah Thomas is lucky he didn't try that on Sprewell.