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Thread: I dont get it?

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    No prob, fella.

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    Default Re: I dont get it?

    Originally Posted by egluck
    Iv been checking out another knicks site, nykfanpage. Their forum gets massive postings but I like the layout of this site much more. I wish this were the more active site.
    because their one of the oldest sites is the reason....regardless of what the layout looks like, people are comfortable over there. They know the regulars....that's how it is with a lot of Forums.

    People don't care who the site's how they interact with the other posters. for example...I mainly post at [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] site looks nothing like this one but I like the the posters that visit (the few that do) I run with that.

    Rady is doing a good job spreading the good word....eventually, this site will get it's do.

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