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    I love how everyone accuses him of not being consistent but this guy dropped 30, 26, 21, 14(weak), and now 43.....come on give the guy credit wtf....he's no Lebron/Kobe/Mcrady, but on a ****ty ass team like the knicks to even say we have talent is a hard thing to do. Crawford is the closest thing to a superstar on this god forsaken team. He is the only player averaging 20+ pts for this. The rest of this team can manage to average 20 pts but choose not to, Randolph(Probably going to get criticized for that but he was 20/10 before he came and got hit with the Knicks curse) Mar bury (def. going to get criticized for this one), and deep down inside i believe that fat lazy **** Curry (last year avged 19.6) could average 20. So please im tired of seeing people **** on Crawford calling him Isiah's son.Don't be mad because he's actually hustling and busting his ass. Thats whats wrong with New Yorkers(being one i feel i have the right to say this) we always look for the wrong in situations, im tired of seeing posters on this forums about Crawford being Isiah's son...could yall be more ignorant. Gets ready for "STFU NOOB@!@!@"..."YOU DONT KNOW HIT ABOUT BASKETBALLL"..."ARE YOU ISIAH THOMAS HIMSELF?@@@"
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