Detroit Pistons: 116
Phoenix Suns: 86

After watching the Detroit Pistons wrip & tear apart the Phoenix Suns from start to finish with a huge 116 - 86 WIN in Phoenix. You have to admitt that game proved the Shaq trade was another bad move for the Phoenix organization. Phoenix gave up PF/C-Kurt Thomas & PF/SF-Shawn Marion when they could have kept those two players and went after the Nets Defensive C/PF-Collins, this way they could have got a younger running center that is team oriented for fastbreaks.
In the last three seasons you could have counted all the teams that beat the Phoenix Suns by 10 or more points with one hand.

This assures me that Colangelo and Steve Kerr need to be standing in the same corner with Ainge & Isiah with their BIG DUNCE Hat on.

Metro, MSG, and abcd, want your opinion.
This Phoenix 30 point loss to the Pistons looked to much like the Knicks blowout losses with a slow bigman getting back and into position. The Pistons attacked the basket before the Suns could setup any kind of defensive mechanism. Detroit beat the Suns at their own game, inwhich their prime unstoppable player that open the court for Amare Stoudemire was "Shawn Marion" (their system is missing his ability to score 90% on fastbreaks with putbacks, his inside & outside scoring, plus his relentless defense that cause oponents to commit turnovers,).

Alot of the Suns players started slowing down their movement to the same pace as Shaq and the Pistons took advantage of that to stretch the lead. Sounds simular to the Knick Players when they slow down their movement to the same pace as Curry or Zach and the Knicks get blown out. The Suns could have used Shawn Marion quickness, hustle, energy, and leadership to start a run in any of the quarters alongside of Nash & Amare.
I know the Knicks dont have a Player with the capabilities of a Shawn Marion that can switch positions from PF to SF at the point of a pick-off since KVH (that could've helped Marbury & Curry, or Crawford & Zach with the scoring), and the Knicks sorry excuses of SF such as Tim Thomas, Q.Richardson, Jefferies, and Fred Jones has all proved incapable of that job.
And the Knicks denying Balkman & Chandler 30 mpg to take their role and position at SF make Fans upset with Head Coach Isiah Thomas to the point of "FIRE ISIAH". But .... the Shaq for Marion? Now that's one G.M. that could never mention any of Isiah Thomas terrible trades without Isiah saying "Shaq for Marion!". Shaq is no longer a top 20 commodity in the NBA, especially when he didn't make the ALL-STAR Team, and your team has 3 of the top 10 players in the league (Nash, Amare, and Marion.). The Phoenix Suns were missing just one player to make it a Championship Team? Joe Johnson or FA Ron Artest.