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MSG, why did'nt you put down that Jordan team has their 20th WIN tonight over the Knicks.

The optimistic Knicks died.
The Knicks are the second Worst Team in the East.
Does anyone know what that means? it means the optimistic Knicks DIED...
Are you referrin to my pregame prediction? At this point, it goes without sayin that I expect whoever the Knicks are playin to win.

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Kiya why do you have to bold every post you ever write? It's gettting kind of old. Not to mention you repeat your same points over and over. The Knicks suck, we all know that. Stop bolding.

Sidenote if all of the TV shows weren't still in reruns because of the strike i wouldn't be wasting my night watching Knicks and Bobcats.
What TV shows are in reruns, what strike?

Can someone please tell me if its still safe to post on this website?