This is part two of the Isiah Thomas interveiw the day after he's fired. We will be able to read Isiah mind in this segment of the interveiw. This will be indicated by IIM (In Isiah's Mind)

Al Trautwig:Let's talk about Anucha Brown Saunders

IMM: Hoe!

Isiah: (rolls his eyes, and sighs) sure

Al Trautwig: What was the worst of the accusations, the alleged racist comments, or the sexual misconduct?

IIM: The part when she claimed to have beat me at a game of HORSE, the only bi&%h I've ever lost to in Basketball was named Jordan! Take Chicago from me Mike! I should take over the head coaching job at UNC and run it like it were the CBA!

Isiah: I think all the accusation were insulting due to there being no truth to any of them

Al Trautwig: But didnt you attempt to kiss her on the cheek

Isiah: Yes, but it was only on the cheek, and it was like you would kiss a close freind

IIM: Like how me and Magic used to!

Al Trautwig: If a male co-worker tried to kiss your wife, would you be as accepting of such conduct?

Isiah: (long pause) If he were black, yes. A blackman is allowed to kiss another black women, a white man is not.


Al Trautwig: Which brings me to my next point....many people feel that David Lee is starter worthy, why was he never inserted into the starting rotation?

Isiah: I just feel that some players are better suited coming off the bench as backups

Al Trautwig: You mean like Renaldo, Nate, etc.

Isiah: More accurately, Luke Walton, Steve Blake, Austin Croshere and Kyle Kover

Al Trautwig: But these players have all started at one point or another

Isiah: Sure you can start them, I mean I started Brad Miller, who is a player who I feel fits that mold really well, so it can work. But these types of players just look better coming off the bench.

After that answer Isiah pulls a black glove out of his pocket faces opposite of the American flag in the room, puts that gloved fist in the air, and dips his head down.

Al then decides to motion to his proucer for a break.