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You have the vocabulary of a 56 year old virgin. I don't remember anyone calling someone a twit. Making a list of people who agreed with your delusional incorrect statements is like making a list of how many girls youve been with.

Your always crying about behavior...could you be any more emotional?

Don't worry about who I am in real life, its definately levels above when your at as a low self esteem man with no value for himself or limited knowledge of things he tries to discuss but ends up making himself look like a pendejo.

Why are you interested in what I do in the bedroom? Not enough sex for you?

Robinson on a good team would be running for 6th man of the year isn’t a fact. You’ve failed again to prove a logical factual statement that relates to this topic. Stop making things up, it’s the most obvious sign of desperation and defeat.

Actually there are a couple of defenders that can easily stop Robinson, lets not make Robinson as an unstoppable force when all he is a back up PG.

You imagine a lot, because you know little. In reality, you’re lacking in that department of knowing what is real and factual which leads to your crazy ass imagination and delusions.

You don’t talk to Sloan, Brown, or Van Gundy…once again your delusional ass thinks you have connects to NBA coaches. Sloan is the guy who made Arroyo into a starter. Arroyo couldn’t do a lot playing behind Billups, and Arroyo has won the starting job in Orlando a lot of times, Nelson’s job hasn’t been secured this season because of Arroyo’s chemistry with the starters.

Arroyo has high value
Expiring contract
Talented starting/back up PG
Experienced PG
Only 28 years old.

The primary fact that Arroyo is a matured inexperienced passing PG will always put him at a superior value level than Robinson. Combo guards are easy to find in the NBA, and the fact that Nate is 5”8 really ruins his value completely. If Nate gets injured anywhere in the lower body, he loses his vertical and it’ll make him a completely useless player because he lacks a lot of skill and experience. Arroyo has had numberous of lower body injuries and is still in the NBA playing meaningful minutes. Before the injuries Arroyo would be able to dunk and had tremendous speed, agility, and quickness. This is what seperates Arroyo from players like Robinson and allows Arroyo to be a NBA starter and limits to players like Robinson to be bench players. You don’t see Earl Boykins being a choice as a starting PG and he’s much better than Robinson.
I like Nate on his team because he’s a cheap contract and has a good attitude. I definitely would prefer Arroyo who’s only 3-4 years older than Nate and a level above him. Arroyo went undrafted and has accomplished more in the NBA; Robinson is pretty much average at best for a first rounder. Arroyo is an international star, and a fan favorite PG in the league. He’s recognized as one of the best ball handlers in the NBA with his flashy crossovers and passes.

Your frustrated yet?

I hope Arroyo sends you a nice postcard from wherever in Europe he's playing next season