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    Originally Posted by GetRealistic
    I'm far from an Isiah guy but Nate took 2 consecutive bad shots that's why he got pulled out. And before you fire back i'm well aware ever shot Crawford takes is bad, but the fact of the matter was Nate revertd back to old Nate so i would have pulled him to.

    They might as well let Herb have the team the rest of the year, and if somehow goes on a crazy record you give him the job (i love herb but i don't think he's an NBA head coach) if not you fire the whole staff and either bring in an established hard nosed no-nonsene coach or you bring in a young guy like a Billy Donovon.

    And please nobody post bring back Van Gundy, because he won't come back to work for Dolan
    Nate was doing a great job on pressurring Chris Paul all game long that is why you dont take Nate out of the game with less than 2 minutes remaining when your team has the ball and your down by only 4 points, you need another scorer in the game so you take Jefferies out and replace him with Wilson Chandler peremeter shooting and quickness to the basket. Taking out Nate Robinson was the reason why the Knicks could no longer score the remaining of the game (The MSG Crowd screams and yells of Boos when Nate was taken out of the game knew this).
    Crawford is not the guy you want at the PG spot in the 4th quarter. Every Knick Fan and Chicago Fan knows this about Crawford.

    Herb Williams should be given the Head Coaching job for the remainder of this season to see if Patrick Ewing will join him as his assistant coach this offseason.

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    I dont want to fire Isiah. I think we should do one of two things with him. why waste the money.

    1. send him to europe and let him scout and evaluate talent.
    2. make him the janitor because he couldnt clean up the mess that is the Knicks. Now he would have to clean up the mess the Knicks make.

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    Zeke will not be fired until after the draft. They will keep him around, just like they kept Larry Brown around to evaluate talent coming into the draft. Young players, he is good at disecting, all other players is where he has a problem. so, with that being said, look for Zeke to go into the at least a couple weeks before the draft and still be the coach, now you guys don't have to get all crazy, he will not be on the knicks payroll much longer after that. then the new era will come in and attempt to bring the Knicks to the promise land.

    With all that being said though, I can see it happening that Zeke remains President of the Knicks, and steps down as Coach... We shall see what happens.

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