Wednesday, Mar 5, 2008 6:26 am EST
Will Lee, Robinson extend with "dysfunctional" Knicks?
Nate Robinson

As third-year players, New York Knicks David Lee and Nate Robinson are eligible to sign lucrative contract extensions this summer. When that time comes, they will have to weigh the benefits of financial security against the drawbacks of playing for the league's most dysfunctional franchise.

In three years with the Knicks, Robinson and Lee have endured the Larry Brown-Stephon Marbury feud, the Brown-Isiah Thomas feud and the Thomas-Marbury feud. They have played for two coaches, and could see a third by next fall. They have lost twice as many games as they have won.

Lee and Robinson say it is too soon to ponder their decision. They acknowledge that dollar figures will not be the only issue to consider. But for now, they are projecting a rosy, politically correct view.

"Put it this way," Lee said. "I love New York, I love playing in New York, love everything about New York. I wish we could win more." Channeling Frank Sinatra, he added, "If I could choose to make it anywhere, it'd be in New York, to be a part of the team that turns it around."

Source: New York Times

When these guys become free agents at the end of the year, will they resign with the knicks or go to a better team?