I Have been wondering how can u acquire d-league players
i have my eye on 5 players in the d-league who we can trade for or pick up

1). Blake Ahorn...Dakota Wizards
18 ppg @ 48%, 3 assist per game
playes 28 mins off the bench...started 12 games this season
missed 7 free throws in 38 games at 175-182 (leads the d-league at 96%
iv seen this guy play, he is a gun, automatic from free throw line and he attacks the basket.

2). Chris Alexander...Sioux Falls Skyforce
11ppg 50% fg% 11 reb. per game
plays 28 mins off the bench started 17 games this season
averages 2.1 blocks per game, real hustle kinda guy
he also had a 24 rebound 4 block game in January and a game i watched last week, he had 22 pts 11 rebs 3 blocks...in 34 mins, shooting 10-14

3) Rod Benson......Dakota Wizards
12 ppg 51% 12 rebounds....started all 37 games he playes this year
had a 28 pts 29 rebound game 10/13 shooting, 8-10 free throw in dec.
also more recently he had 24 pts 22 rebounds last week and 26 pts 15 rebs last night....id love to have him on the knicks

4) Cheikh Samb Fort Wayne Mad Ants
7'1'' C, 10 ppg, 50%, 3.9 blocks per game 26 mins per game started all 15 games played
All hustle right here, he blocked 11 shots earlier in feb in one game, the last game in feb he blocked 9 i think and is averaging 5 bbg in his last 5 contest he shoots free throws at 72% which isnt that bad for a big man

5) Carlos Powel....Dakota wizards
21 ppg 47% 6 rebs 4 assists...started all 35 games, nearly averages 40 mins
he's an all around player, who is capable of getting explosive triple doubles, he is fearless at attacking the basket
he makes the game look easy, had 25pts 14rebs 11assts late last month, also a 30-12-8 game late last month a 28-17-6 game earlier great ft%, his last two games were mediocre, but what he has done all year has him in the top 5 all around players in the d-league IMO

The knicks would b an elite team if they can acquire the rights to any one of these "diamonds in the rough" in the development league. and when u get the chance, take a look at a Dakota, Idaho, Austin, Wayne or Falls play...summa those guys need to be in the NBA