(maybe)This is too much to read but it gives a Knick-Fan the analysis of Zeke and the Knick Players.
The Highlights are essential.
Want to read your comment on anything that resulted in the Knicks situation today.

The Knicks TRIO Lineup of "Nate, Balkman, and Lee" co-exist together outstandingly vs NBA oponents since early lastseason. Why have this Trio of players been seperated from playing together throughout this entire season?

Watching the Knicks 109-98 LOSS to the Hawks shows Isiah is not a NBA Coach to have for next season. Zeke shows no coaching strategy to build chemistry within these Knick players. He wants out and the players would like that too.
There was no reason at all in the Hawks game that Coach Isiah Starting-5 Players should've been "Nate, Crawford, Balkman, Lee, and Zach".
If they would'nt have got it right in the first quarter I'm sure they would have in the third quarter vs the Hawks Roster.

The playingtime given to the "Tazman Balkman" whom have the Raw talent of becomming a decent Point-Foward in the league is being showcase by Zeke for trading him on draft night or during the offseason (to go in a trade for Marbury ending season contract).

The majority of decent NBA teams have and build their team around three or four co-existing players on the team so the rest of the players on the roster could follow insuit to the Plan & Strategy given to these three or four players co-existing style. However....
On this Knick Team if three or four players have great chemistry together and they are not apart of Isiah Thomas Pet Players they will not get playingtime together no matter how well they play together.

The Knicks best four players that co-existed well on the court using a help-defense and help-offense through hustling effort were lastseason 2nd Unit of players "PG-Nate, SG-Crawford, SF-Balkman, PF-Lee,".
The Knicks Coach and coaching-staff went and stripped the best co-existing four-man lineup up (Lastseason) to give all of Crawford & Lee playingtime to helping the Poor co-existing Performance of "Marbury, Jefferies, and Curry" Trio lineup that needed so much help in every area of Team-Offense and Team-Defense.
And Knick-Fans wondered WHY Lee & Crawford accidently caught season injuries at the beginning of midseason last year. Let's just say they did not agree with the complete benching of Nate & Balkman before their injuries.

What did Isiah Thomas do so that SG-Crawford & PF-Lee dont catch another so-call accident season injury in the 2007-8 season? which they probably got the idea from SF-Q.Richardson early season injury (when Zeke first added Jefferies into the rotation for 30 mpg).
Zeke drafted SF-Wilson Chandler, and traded for SG-Fred Jones & PF-Zach Randolph. Zeke actions in the 2007 offseason was not to build and Train the players he had from lastseason during the offseason at a gym, but to replace certain players at the SG, SF, and PF whom came down with season injuries but stated that they would be well if the Knicks made the playoffs. LOL!
I guess Zeke had to prove to his "REBELLING" players that he was the BOSS by his offseason transactions of getting replacements.
Recall Francis dissaperance for two months last season.
the long losing-streak after Isiah was given an extension on his contract. Plus the comments that Jalen Rose and Mo Taylor made before the BUY-OUT to shut them up about the Knick Organization while under investigation for the FIRING of Coach Larry Brown without pay.