lolz i know i get all of your points...but its best for this team that Zach leaves...u can tell nowun likes him...i mean he almost fought Nate and u can tell he bullys david lee...he be screaming him alot...he gets mad when he does not get the i knwo the dude got talent and shyt and he can rebound(oo yea 4got about rebounding yea thats one problem i forgot about eddy and free throws) but like Zach have more chemistry...chill...all the knicks do when hes playing is give him the ball...and he be passing it 2 cutters sometimes and most of the times the cutter are energy guys or guys that barely play...idk i just feel like nowun likes him in this he gets mad easily if you dont give him the ball hell walk not run to the other end... and yea you guys are right Zach is better...but i rather pick Zach 2 play a 1 on 1 for me then a team ball...and yea dont get me wrong i do want both out but just have a hatred for Zach...he just looks like a jerk 2 me...i mean his favorite movie is Dont be a menace 2 society...yea good movie but 2 be your favorite...idk he looks fake 2 me and i think all the knicks roster knows that