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    Originally Posted by MSGKnickz33
    Hes a good passer sometimes
    That's the thing with Zach that's so annoying. When he actually passes the ball he is one of the better passing big men in the league. Unfortunately he just never wants to pass. Then again if you were as skilled as Zach would you want to pass the ball to Crawford, Curry, Q Rich etc etc? Last couple of games where Isiah has actually begun to play the young guys Zach has been real positive and supportive despite his minutes being cut. Quite frankly I think Zach, given his skills at his size, in addition to his heart is the best player on this team, even better then Steph. *ducks*

    I'd love to see Zach on a team with a winning, positive environment. If I were the Rockets gm I'd defintely trade for him. Put him alongside Yao and T-Mac to go along with that teams defensive schemes and you will have one serious title contender next season because right now they can't score. The Pistons and Cavs are two Eastern conference teams off the top of my head where I think Z-Bo would fit right in because both of those teams suffer through long scoring droughts.

    Zach Randolph comes to play every night and somehow even on an off night is almost always good for a double double. He could play on my team anytime. If I was him and playing for the knicks I'd be yelling for the ball every time down floor to.
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