Is it me or is Rookie Wilson Chandler being coached backwards.
This Rookie just recently started receiving consistent playingtime.

The Knicks just had back to Back games vs the Hawks then the Pacers (Both were Knick Losses).
In the Hawks game Chandler received 33 minutes of Playingtime scoring only 4-pts and grabing 7 rebounds. However in the Pacer game he had 15-pts. and grabed 8 rebounds in 32 minutes of playingtime.

In the Hawks game checkout the teammates Chandler received playingtime with each Quarter:

First Qtr. Nate, Craw, Zach, Lee
Second Qtr. Nate, Craw, Jones, Zach
Third Qtr. Nate, Jones, Lee, Morris
Fourth Qtr. Nate, Jeff, Lee, Zach

Rookie Wilson Chandler played the majority of his playingtime in the Hawks game with just 7 other Knick players, although different lineup each quarter but PG-Nate was with him in each quarter, and Lee in 3 of the quarters. Not bad if the plan is having him co-exist with these two players (which I doubt).

Rookie Wilson Chandler stats for the Pacers game (at the end of a Back to Back) are:
15 pts, 8 rbd, 2 stl, 1 blk, 1 TO, 2 fl, in 32 minutes of playingtime.
Now checkout all the different lineups Chandler had playingtime with as a Rookie in just one game:

First Qtr. Nate, Craw, Lee, Zach
Second Qtr. Craw, Balk, Jeff, Lee
Third Qtr. Collins, Craw, Jeff, Zach
Fourth Qtr. Collins, Jones, Balk, Jeff & Morris

Now this Pacer Game with the Knicks Rookie getting 32 minutes of playingtime seem to be something a Head Coach would do in the first or second game in the Preseason after Training camp for a Star Rookie to see how well he co-exist with nine (9) other players on the roster.
Which means in a Back to Back game with a Rookie whom is just now getting the fundamentals of playing vs NBA competition the Hawks game is the game the Rookie should've played with 9 other teammates being put in a different lineup each quarter.

The Pacer Game was supposed to be the game inwhich the Rookie plays with just 7 players out of the 9 players he played with the night before.
I guess the Coach think that Rookie Wilson Chandler is a Super Star like SF-Pierce and co-exist well with 9 of his teammates at the end of a back to back.

The different lineup changes in every quarter above does not help any of the young players (first to third season players), especially when this is the first time these young-players been in these different lineups together vs NBA competition.
The Head Coach Isiah Thomas did not help matters any by sitting quiet on the bench not saying anything to these different young lineups each quarter, especially in the 4th Qtr..