Pretty much, there's nothing positive about this season. The team played terrible defense(Josh Smith and Marcus Camby average more blocks than the entire Knicks team), they did not play hard for a big portion of the season, and they rarely played as a team, which is why they are last place in assists per game, with just 18 assists per game, collectively. The team is headed to the lottery, for the 4th straight season, and they'll finish with a below .500 record, for their 7th straight season. However, these are the few accomplishments for the Knicks, if you even want to consider them accomplishments:

Jamal Crawford
20.3 ppg 4.9 assists

This season, Crawford has managed to average a career high in points and assists, even though the Knicks are currently in danger of finishing with below 23 wins, and of getting the worst record in franchise history.

Nate Robinson
12.7 points per game
3.2 rebounds per game
3.0 assists per game
78.7% free throws

Robinson is averaging a career high in points, assists, and rebounds, this season. In addition to that, he is also shooting a career high free throw percentage of 78.7%.

Wilson Chandler

With Quentin Richardson playing the worst basketball of his NBA career, the Knicks need a small forward to take his place.Wilson Chandler has not proven for sure that he can be a starter in this league. However, his shotblocking ability, and his effort on offense and on the boards might land him a spot in the Knicks' starting lineup for next season.

David Lee

Lee has continued to play well, which is a good sign. He's averaging double figures in points, and he's averaging a career high Free throw percentage of 82.3%.

Renaldo Balkman

Balkman leads the Knicks in blocks per game. Who Knows? Maybe if his minutes go up, next year, he'll be the Knicks' lead shot blocker for a 3rd consecutive season(Balkman also led the Knicks in blocks per game last year).