The biggest positive is we will have a high draft pick,And hopefully we will get a GM that can convince Dolan to completely rebuild or they will not take the job. And Dolan is finally at the mercy of a real GM he has no room to fall on his face again I mean when the commisionar of the league is getting involved with your team and making suggestions to the media about how the Knicks need to change there is not much to say.Look at it this way we need to accept we are gonna be bad for a while and I can accept that as long as they commit to rebuilding the right way no more big contracts to guys that never won anything,We trade for guys that horriable teams are getting rid of if these teams are so fast to trade these players what does that tell you we just keep signing other teams nightmares to riddiculous contracts.If you look at the past almost 20 years every team accept for the Pistons a few years ago the teams that have won Championships have won with a star player they got in the draft and built around them,So realalisticly thats are only shot other than convincing Lebron he can never be Kobe or Jodan playing in Cleveland or New Jersey.So we get a good player this year and hopefully get a better player next year I dont mind losing and giving up on next year as long as we are developing what we have now and drafting high next year so just remember you have to be bad for a while to get another Ewing and just think do you really think the fans in San Antonio remember the year before they got Duncan or really care how bad they were.