Moz, thanks my Caribbean brother.

Kiyaman has made some incredible contributes to this site with his insight, we all should be blessed to have him here.

I wish the moderators got more involved in the posting.

donchris, 126, acbd, MSG33, Starks, thekidd, paris, homer, GetRealstic, jzero, Roco, DavidLeeFan, etc...all share different opinions could give you be the best insight more than any other forum can give.

People have been mad emotional over the Marbury thing, one person gets shut down on one point, they go crazy, and become overly delusional and emotional that it becomes personal to get that person back. Unfortunately I've been that person; this poster becomes a cancer to the website since they contribute nothing to the website(no news breaking articles, helpless resource links, productive arguments, insight and logc, good feedback). Posters like these should be ignored or be terminated. I mean, Don Chris can be the worst poster of this site sometimes because of he has his pride and hates losing a debate; but at time he's grown out of his loses and still tries to contribute which you have to respect him for. GetRealstic can be a little too serious and emotional at times, but he could be a funny or corny dude, which we need on this site, everyone else does a really great job. The thing I love about this site is everyone has their own writing style. You could change a person's avatar, signature and even username, but you'll KNOW right away who's writing that post.

This site has been going down for obvious reasons, I suggest you guys to advertise this site and get more people on here.

Moz, I want you to post more; I'll post less so you could have some spot light. I'm really an out spoken dude and will say the least popular thing as long as its logical, and the truth related to my team of the New York Knicks. I want nothing but success and W's for this franchise, I want a franchise player I can brag about when comparing to guys like Paul, Kobe, Lebron, Howard and KG...I want a playoff team so I can talk **** to other playoff teams how New York is back and is going to increase NBA ratings by a mile. I want that BACK again, so I will continue to pimp slap down anything that keeps me and the Knick fans from getting that back(Isiah and Isiah apologist).

Isiah is done now, all Isiahsexuals should be locked up or terminated from this site now. The dark ages are now over.