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Now let me first say that your game threads are by far the best and consistant post put up on this sight. God now that thats out of the way, everyone including yourself has said how the petty bickering has to stop to make the sight better and then you come off calling names and ranting about how your the greatest and you never lose an argument.. if your so great at debaiting and you never lose an argument you should get your ass into law school and make a fortune. Newsflash there MSG33 EVERBODY makes misstakes(haha) and no-body is right %100 of the time so when people come here to share their THAUGHTS and IDEAS its not up to anyone on this sight to malishishly shooty down their thaughts or ideas. Like mama allways said "if ya can't play nice don't play at all" No body likes a conceded jerk. I don't argee with you and metro like a bunch of other posters in here because theres no point in it you guy's are always right and everybody else is wrong(according to you guy's) You both bring a lot to this sight but you both also are hard to engage on any topic... must be because of your supiriority. Why do we keep argueing about Steph anyway he'll be gone this up-comming season anyway? I love the mans heart and what he's done for under privlaged kids(starbury brand clothes sneakers ect.)but his head just ain't right. This is not ment as a personal attack on anyone just maby a little insight on what other people think of you (well at least myself)
Where did all this come from? How you gonna say this aint a personal attack on anyone? I bolded everything that was an attack on me so you can see it. I also bolded things that i disagreed with.

You mispelled 3 or 4 different words, how you gonna try to criticize me son?

Pay attention dumbass, i already talked about several things you brought up.

I have never loss, every arguement i have been in i have come with strong enough arguements to prove that whatever im tryin to argue has some validity. Maybe i tied a couple times
You see that son, i posted that yesterday. That quote by me was from yesterday. You read what you fealt like readin, your just like everyother msg33 hater on here. Ignorant Ass posters need to pay attention to the facts, theres alot to learn and im constantly droppin facts but not like i use to. It aint worth it for me no more when no one is given me the credit i deserve. Give credit where its due, im a f*ckin legend on here. A bum poster like you will never be anywhere near my level, f*ck outta here.

I aint done yet son.

You recommended since im so smart that i go to law school and i make myself some money. Im not a fan of your wise ass comments. I specialize in basketball/rap arguements. Although i have some knowledge about the law thats not what im interested in. Comments like that make me think your jealous of my basketball knowledge that is superior to yours. People are born with strengths and weaknesses. I figured out a while ago that your nothin but a bum on here who will post a paragraph here and there that gets ignored.

So you said it wasnt a personal attack but you called me a conceded jerk. Thats a ***** move, if you feel a certain way dont back away. I would have more respect for you if you told me that it was a personal attack. Hopefully when you reach puberty you'll grow some balls. Im anything but conceded. You dont know nothin about me kid. As far as on here goes im a legend, just speakin the facts. I have other areas where im not as strong as all of us do. I have no problem admittin my problems, if anything I focus on them too much. What im sayin is im not the most positive person, far from bein conceded but on here Im MSGknickz33, the GOLD MAC 10, the mothaf*ckin legend and you can s*ck my d*ck no homo.

At the end of your poorly written paragraph, you ask why do we keep arguin about marbury when hes gonna be gone. Then you criticize him as if you yourself are lookin to argue about him. You dont know what the f*ck you want. Kid you aint got no rite to be sayin marburys heads not there. Stick to doin whatever your good at and next time dont interfere with msg33 the legend (in less then 2 years). Its obvious that arguements aint your thing. Dont ever say anything about the GOLD MAC 10.