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    Nyk Logo What a year!!! Lets go over our lack of accomplishments!

    missed the point where the knick record officially won't be as good as last year. with only twelve games left, and 19 total wins the best record is 31, More likely to be a generous 25. I'm figuring some teams may rest players last week and they play Miami who will tank any game against another lottery bound team. So we won't make playoffs, are not a competetive team, worse not seen as a competetive team. Our only player who has really uped his stock is also our only real free agent(fred Jones). Our only expiring contract is very small(fred jones & r.morris)
    I'd have to say there has been no postive progress whatsoever this year. Mardy collins has appeared to take a step backwards and has shown us he shouldn't be in league. q-richs supposed good health hasn't really helped his game or the team. Curry has regressed, Lee was not featured or developed on offense, but everytime Malik rose is in the game he takes like every shot he can and isn't benched after the first one!!!! Chandler and morris weren't played barely at all, very little development. Crawford remained crawford, who is not a peice you can build around. Same goes for Zach. We traded 2009 second round pick for D.Nichols who was released. Now given our position, we were bound to have a high second round pick also, which was traded. Marbury barely played and is on the outs with current managment. Jeffereis hard work, has been nice, but doesn't translate to wins. Balkman has regressed, his minutes and overall game performance was not as good as last year. Nate had a chance to shine and performed well at times but is very very inconsistent, just showing he is never going to be anything more than a back up, despite his tremendous heart and a few good games. Jerome james managed to actually play less then last year!!!(That may actually be a positive, we haven't seen enough of him to know!!!! It's just sickening!)
    And the worst thing of all, is Isiah Thomas has survived as coach and Gm of this SH!t Shop! No team chem developed, no team pride, nothing.
    Wait I think there is one positive!!! DOlan learned a new Guitar song! Wait we have three positives, 1.We are in the lottery and no team is that far ahead of us. 2. Jerome James playing time has been reduced. 3. Dolans new song
    2009 is looking fine!!!!
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    Let's...Go...Lottery! Let's...Go...Lottery!!! Say it with me Knicks fans!

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