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The Knicks are no longer a rivalry with the Heat, because both the Knicks are lottery bound. Same reason for why they are no longer a rivalry with the Bulls or Pacers. There's no real competition between those two anymore. The only teams the Knicks are still a rivalry with are the Nets and Celtics. Personally, I don't have any problems with the Heat. The only teams in the NBA that I don't like are the Spurs, Celtics, Nets, Bulls and Mavericks.
The teams you dont like are similar to the teams i didnt like last year

Teams i didnt like last year:
Bobcats (Michael Jordan aka M gay)

Teams I dont like this year:

For some reason I like Dallas this year. As for the Spurs, I finally got over my hatred I had for them since 99 when they beat the Knicks for the championship. The reason is partially due to the acquisition of former Knick Kurt Thomas, the other reason is because of my hatred for the Celtics. Maybe im wrong, time will tell but I picked the Spurs to go to the Finals. If they meet with the Celtics its a given who im rootin for. F*ck Boston.