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    Originally Posted by Kiyaman
    The only thing that I can not put on Isiah Thomas was the hiring of HOF coach Larry Brown, that was "Mills & Dolan's" personal doing ($50 million for 5 years).
    Isiah gave the Head Coaching job to Herb Williams who did a great job with minimizing Marbury & Crawford minutes of playingtime after the departure of HOF coach Lenny Wilkins.
    Isiah screwed himself and the team thourougly in and out with the Kurt Thomas for Q.Richardson trade (I luv Nate Robinson, but not for the cost of what Kurt Thomas brings to the team he could've trained Jerome James and Rookies Frye & Lee into becoming a force during practice and in a game. Big Sweetney looked good playing alongside of Kurt Thomas whom told him his position downlow on bothsides of the court to get offense & defense rebounds.).

    Keeping Herb Williams as Head Coach with Ewing asking to be his assistant coach would've been great. Then the trade for Curry would've made alot more sense with three Bigmen coaches Herb, Ewing, and Aquire.

    Keeping Kurt Thomas to play both positions PF and Center to give the three young frontcourt players Ariza, Lee, and Frye the formular to playing both sides of the court well would've been a big boost for the Knicks frontcourt future.

    The Marbury & Crawford theory would not have been a factor if Paul Pierce was the SF. Because Pierce would have gotten rid of one of them if not both, the same way he got rid of his longtime friend Ricky Davis.
    If the PG & SG do not want to work together to form a deadly two-head-offense or a two-head-defense, then one should stick to defense while the other stick to offense. Marbury & Crawford did none of the above within 4 seasons together. So both are "Uncoachable-Guards"...
    I think the blame for the failure of the Marbury & Crawford backcourt tandem has to go to Crawford. History tells us that Craword has never been a winner. Marbury actually has played on a .500 team before and even played 18 playoff games. Crawford has never made it to the playoffs. The ultimate blame goes to Isiah for assembling this whole mess.

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    Revisionist history is a mother****a. I will always say that Isiah ****ed up by trying to listening to WFAN and thinking that NY wouldn't take on a rebuilding project. He started down that road, and it was a steep slope and he couldn't slow up. So it is of course no surprise to me that it ended the way it did.

    With that said, when people bring up Crawford non winning anywhere, C'mon now, he came in the league playing for the ****ing Bulls... He wasn't even a starter, he was a reserve. THe year he did start, they relieved their head coach, traded two of their best player(Jalen Rose and Donyell Marshell) and that was also the year they lost Jay WIlliams with the accident. So How exactly was he suppose to be a winner?? And then he came to the Knicks.
    You can criticize Crawford on his shots and turnovers and what not, but to bring up the "not a winner" is ****ing stupid.

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