After that game when Zach Randolph blew up in (President & Coach) Isiah Thomas face by yelling at him plus refusing to take the seat that Isiah offered him during that game made Zach value as a player a grade C (for Cancer).
I strongly believe that their is not one NBA coach in the league that will approve the acceptance of Zach character and his $44 million dollar contract on their roster.

With all of the pull & juice that Donnie Walsh have in this NBA league, I'm sure that Owner Dolan wants him to get Zach Randolph off this Knick team ASAP. That is why all the Knick players that Walsh mentioned in his interview he did not mention Zach name untill forced on him by reporters.
Walsh know that to get rid of Zach Randolph will cost the Knicks the performance of David Lee in that trade.