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    Default We have to win the lottery (Dwyane Wade Wants Derrick Rose)

    Dwyane Wade Wants Derrick Rose

    Tom ZillerPosted Apr 3rd 2008 1:00PM by Tom Ziller
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    The art of the superstar longing for an awesome point guard is nothing new -- LeBron and Kobe fought over Jason Kidd's services until Dirk won out a few months ago. Typically though, the NBA's best don't wish to cast their lot with 19-year-olds. Dwyane Wade's not typical.

    Via TrueHoop, we find out from the Miami Herald's Israel Gutierrez who Flash would pick in this year's draft:

    Caller Charles asked Wade who he wanted the Heat to select in the draft. Wade said he couldn't say it out loud because cameramen and reporters surrounded him. Charles proceeded to name several players, only to hear, Wade respond, "No, no give me one more, No man!" Finally Wade said, "He's still in the tournament."

    Memphis point guard Derrick Rose? Ding ding. It's also interesting to note Pat Riley has scouted Rose at least three times during the NCAA tournament. Miami is in position to pick #1 overall. Would they take Rose over Michael Beasley?

    No little guy has gone #1 overall since Allen Iverson in 1996. If anyone would damn convention, it'd be Riley. And if any PG would cause convention to be damned, it'd be Rose. This bears watching (especially for whichever team ends up with the #2 pick).

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    Makes sense if they keep Marion.

    Rose, Wade, Marion is a nice trip.

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