Walsh: Marbury A 'Key Player'
April 4, 2008 - 6:34 am

New York Post -
With Donnie Walsh in charge of the Knicks, it appears that Stephon Marbury's chances of remaining in the Big Apple just went up.

According to the New York Post, Marbury is elated to have Walsh in charge, and said that Isiah Thomas was not honest with fans. Walsh wants to meet with both Thomas and Marbury to find out what happened this season.

"I think the hiring of Donnie Walsh is a great move for Mr. Dolan as far as bringing in someone with his experience," Marbury said. "He understands New York being from New York. This is his bloodline. It's a great situation having new blood come in.

"Bringing in someone who's proven himself over a 25-year period is just going to allow everyone to see his pedigree. He's a guy who knows basketball, understands basketball and the best part of it he's from New York. He understands what the fans want."

Walsh said he still considers Marbury a key piece to next season.

Marbury ending contract season makes "Starbury" the Key Player next season even if its just to reduce $20 million on the salary cap.

Especially, with the majority of this season off putting Marbury on the Summer League Team with our Lottery Draft Player and Chandler should build Marbury value up very high to finally trade him for a decent player (alot of teams are looking for PG this offseason).
Or we keep Marbury if he average above 12 assist and co-exist with the young players in all 6 Summer League Games.
It probably will be the first time in Marbury NBA career that he trained with his teammates in the offseason.