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Dolan may (or may not) get his wish to keep Isiah aboard, the popular notion is that he will be a position with little power if he stays. I personally think that him being involved in any magnitude is stupid. But if we do keep him, the suggestion has been made that he be made a talent scout. The reason being is that he will not travel with the team, have any authority or interaction with current players. Still to me he would have influence on this team, and that would make fans uneasy. Furthermore it is hard to argue his eye for collegiate talent, but he really doesn't evaluate NBA talent well at all. Not to mention reporters will hunt him down for an interveiw after every Knick transaction even if he is in a low key position; point being is that he will still have a voice as Knick. Plus the owner of the team is looking out for him, so there is still some power in that (like being the bosses daughter). And Donnie Walsh is going to be hit with question like "Was keeping Isiah a mandate on you getting this job" and people may begin to question his "absolute control over basketball operations". Like my man Peter V said, just let him go completely. He represents what we are trying to come out of. I wish him well, I'm certain IU, The Pistons, or The Lakers (remember it is Magic who got him the Knicks job) would love to have him as a scout, Knick fans just want to see the paparazzi shot of him carrying his stuff out of MSG in a Staples box.