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    Yea Kiya. If they expect me to believe that the Knicks organization has finally changed, I want to see everyone from the old administration gone. This franchise has been so screwed up for so many years with its sexual harrassments, Dolan spies, poor personnel moves, etc... Steve Mills should be gone too!

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    Default Leave Isiah Alone!!!

    I mean, leave Isiah alone in Detroit! Get him the hell outta dodge asap! He is a stink and a stain and NYC!

    However, I agree that Donnie Darko needs to see the how and why and what happened, and you just can't rush into that. The season's just about over, let it play out, so Walsh can get a feel for what's up, and let Isiah leave (or get hired by Detroit to be Dumar's f-buddy) at his indiscretion.

    I believe Donnie will interview all and make the best decisions at the right time.

    First step: get a big man!!!!
    Second step: hire ex-Knicks Ewing, Jackson, Frazier to be coaches (not necessarily head coach)
    Third step: burn those Isiah effigies!!

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    Damn! The man hasn't been president for a month and some of you are already out for his blood. It's only been a few weeks. I can see if we were starting a new season and Thomas was still coaching but that's not and hopefully wont be the case. Walsh will clean house. What Kiyaman hasn't mentioned is what I consider the 'great difference' between Walsh and Isiah, when Walsh mentioned and was quoted several times stating the importance of getting under the cap and not continuing to take on long term contracts. I've said before that the importance of the salary cap is often over stated but it's a real problem when you're one of the highest paid teams and one of the worse in the league. This a clear distinction between Thomas and Walsh. Walsh understands this and also understand the importance of immediate improvement. It's a fine line to walk but at least Walsh acknowledges this. So be easy, Walsh will remove Thomas from his position in due time.

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