14th Eastern Conference
5th Atlantic Division


8th Eastern Conference
3rd Southeast Division

Jamal Crawford and the Knicks

Joe Johnson and the Hawks

The Knicks are coming off of a 3 game winning streak. A win tonight would give the Knicks their largest winning streak, since their 6 game winning streak in January of 2006.

The Atlanta Hawks are coming off of a loss to the Indiana Pacers. Ironically, the Knicks are going to play both of these teams, before the end of the season. The Hawks and Pacers are not the only ones that control their own destiny. The Knicks apparently control the destiny of the Pacers and Hawks, too.

Starting Lineups
Atlanta Hawks
PG Mike Bibby
SG Joe Johnson
SF Josh Smith
PF Marvin Williams
C Al Horford

New York Knicks
PG Jamal Crawford
SG Quentin Richardson
SF Jared Jeffries
PF David Lee
C Zach Randolph

Will the Knicks spoil the Hawks' chance at a playoff berth?
Or will the Hawks clinch a playoff spot with a win over the Knicks?
Only one way to find out. Watch the Knicks vs. Hawks @ 7:30 ET
on NBA TV or CH 14(Cablevision)*

The New York Rangers have a game tonight. The Knicks can be seen on CH 14, if you have Cablevision, and if you live in New York or New Jersey.

Video of the Day:

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