Time is 9:14 PM there is 39.5 left in the 4th and Clyde, Kenny, and Breen are talking about a Celtic scout at the game. Apperently Advance scouts are on the road for all 82 games per season. They send scouting reports to coaches via email, and are never with the team. This to me is the ideal position for Zeke if we absolutley must retain him. He will never be at MSG come game night. And will have as much power in the organization as a personal trainer!

Also if Dolan likes him so damn much, why doesnt he give him some job with the Rangers. I mean Steve Mills has never played a minute of Hockey and he has a high ranking position with the Rangers. Dolan loves Isiah, so he can make him VP of marketing with the Rangers....ok I know that is not a possibility but yall get my point.