Well the Knicks coach added another DNP to Collins, Balkman, and Morris 2007-8 season in this Atlanta game. The three teammates must have average around close to 60 DNP this season.

The other three Knick young players (Nate, Lee, and Chandler) whom received playingtime in this Atlanta game had a well allaround performance in this game.

I actually believe that when the Knicks put all 6 of their young-players "Lee, Nate, Balkman, Collins, Chandler, and Morris" in the rotation their performance refuse to lose a game or tank the season to get another young star Lottery player to be added to this 13 under contract player team this offseason. All 6 players received decent playingtime in the Knicks 3 game winning streak.
And another thing must be noted is that during last offseason scrimage games all 6 of these Knicks young players believed that 6.8 SF/SG-Demetris Nichols was the best scorer to depend on to take the last shot. Inwhich inhance each of all six young players performance on the court.
Will the Knicks draft a SG with better range from the peremeter than Demetris Nichols on draft night to give there other 6 young players the edge on offense so they could put more energy & effort on defense?

Did Beasley, Rose, Mayo, and Gordon peremeter shooting give any of their teams the edge to play hustle defense?