In light of our rebuilding mode (or should I say swift rebuilding mode since this is New York), which promising young players (max of 3 years pro) would be great for a young New York Knicks team next year (I'm saying "young" because I'm really hoping our roster starts fresh and builds a core of young players especially with the draft)? My picks would be Josh Smith and/or Emeka Okafor. I think Josh Smith is a Shawn Marion in the making. He might even end being better than The Matrix. And Emeka Okafor could soon be a reliable defensive presence and rebounder for the Knicks.

What do you guys think? Which young player/s (as much as possible players max 3 years pro) would you want to acquire who you think would fit well in the Knicks' future. Let's try to be a little realistic and avoid other teams' franchise players like Howard, Roy, etc. Whether or not teams will actually take in our current players or future draft picks for a trade to occur isn't that significant for this thread but can be noted. I'm just trying to foresee an ideal Knicks team for next year, especially one with either Michael Beasley or Derrick Rose on.