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    Default The Boston Celtics vs the New York Knicks Game Thread

    Boston Celtics vs. New York Knicks Game Thread
    Mon. @7:30pm ET on MSG

    Welcome to the Special Edition of the Official MSG33 Pregame Show. We have a matchup tomorrow night with the Celtics, yall know what time it is. I cant say the Celtics suck but as everyone knows I hate them and I hope they lose in the playoffs.

    Sam Cassell and Rajon Rondo spending some time with each other

    During the last Celtics vs Hornets game, the Celtics were putting it on New Orleans in the 3rd quarter. Previously, the Hornets had beaten the Celtics in New Orleans. As the Celtics were running up the score Tommy Heinsohn yelled, "Take that New Orleans!!! Take that New Orleans!!!" He should be fired for being as biased fatass. I hate him, worst commentator on any team by far. He caught feelings when the Hornets beat the Celtics. Someone slap him.

    Everything from this point on is from the the last Knicks vs. Celtics Game Thread.



    pg-Rajon Rondo
    sg-Gay Allen
    sf-Pierced ******
    pf-Gay G (The Big Stick-it), Cryin Scala-weeny, Glen "Big Lady" shave-this, or Pee-on hoe(Leon Powe)
    C-Men-dick Jerkins

    *credit to Metro for the name

    And Now Your New York Knicks!!!!!!!!!!!
    At Point Guard Jamal Crawford
    At Shooting Guard Fred Jones
    At Small Forward Quentin Richardson
    At Power Forward Zach Randolph
    At Center Eddy Curry

    Key Matchup:Its Time for the Main Event!!!!!!!!!!

    Lets take a look back to January 21st, MLK day where the Celtics beat the Knicks.


    Pierce gets Knocked the F*ck Out!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now hes handicapped for Life

    Below the Pierce vs Richardson MLK day video was an interesting quote. Here it is:

    From FireDannyAinge -"He was scared. He's a punk and a loser.
    He is to busy leaving a helpless women brave enough to tell the cops who stabbed Pierce alone to testify because he is to wimp to testify himself.
    Pathatic loser."

    3 men who were connected to the rap group "made men" stabbed Paul Pierce 8 years ago. Heres a song by Made Men featuring the Lox:

    Pierce lost.

    still one of the ugliest players in the NBA.

    The Celtics crying and bitchin will come back to hurt them. They will be stopped in the playoffs. Speakin of cryin and bitchin heres a couple of videos as promised of Tommy Heinsohn, the Celtics terrible play-by-play commentator.

    In the first video, Posey sticked his arm out. I hate Tommy Heinsohn and his stupid tommy points. I'll give a tommy point to whoever snuffs his ass.

    Heres some stuff from the previous Celtics-Knicks game thread.

    Above is a picture of James Posey. He hugs every starter in the Celtics lineup before every game, for a couple of seconds. Fag.

    Lebron James destroys Celtics by himself

    Dwayne Wade dunks on Garnett

    Classic Rick Pitino Interview

    MSG33 Presents: Official Throwback Joint of the day

    That does it for my game thread. F*ck the Celtics, lets start a fight and get some of their players suspended!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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