That is a bad feeling when your team can Win 48 to 50 games and dont make the Playoffs. That happen to KG on the Timberwolves one season.

Golden State Warriors (48-33) and the Denver Nuggets (49-32) exciting offensive performance this season deserve to be in the Post Season Games.
The Warriors & Nuggets show 100% better entertainment than the boring Spurs and Jazz (whom have the habit of putting you to sleep)
The Philly 76ers are 40-41, the Atlanta Hawks are 37-43, and both made the Postseason Games in the East.

The Denver Nuggets Roster is supposed to be able to beat both the Lakers roster and the Hornets roster in a series. But...... the Denver Nuggets has one of the NBA top 10 poorest playoff coaches George Karl.

There is no way that Coach Phil Jax or Coach Byron Scott will let coach George Karl Win a playoff series against them.