This thread is about changing the playoff structure.

I always like the 8 best East teams and 8 best West teams, and advertisers like it this way as well.

The NBA has deeply rooted business relations with SouthWest Airlines and a few other travel orientated companies/services.

If there was a situatuon where one region was not to have playoff representation, -which is the season when ratings are the best, I would feel that my ad dollars aren't being used properly with the NBA media plan.

Obviously the West isn't going anywhere, but the thought of a situation in which an local market is not vested into the playoffs; well that doesn't make much business sense to use the NBA.

Would companies that target an NYC are market make much sense for advertising in May? Nope. Most of us won't pay attention unless our Knicks were involved.

I say it time and time again, the NBA is a business first- a sports league second. It's just the way the world works folks