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    Default Sleepless in Seattle

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    I'm suprised no one hear has brought this season long story up at any point this year.

    These fans got together and might be able to acheive a victory. Amazing.

    Shulltz, Founder & CEO of Starbucks, doign his best Ebenezer Scrouge impression woke up on a different side of his bed and decided he wants to save Seattle's beloved Sonics.

    Why can't Knick fans ever organize and air our concearns to the media, and Seattle fans could?

    I'm pulling for the Sonics. Seattle is a beautiful city that deserves this team. Polite people, clean city, great sea food, rich music scene, beautiful Asian chicks and indie rock girls ala Natlie Portman circa Garden State at every corner. I love Seattle...

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    Good thread starks and im pullin for the sonics as well. I was hoping to see Knicks fans boycott a game and do whatever it took to get Isiah fired. I knew Seattle was considering moving elsewhere but i didnt know that the fans were joining together to prevent this. Its good to see and I hope they stay in Seattle.

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