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    Default NBA End of Season AWARDS

    MVP= LeBron James/ CP3
    Defensive Player=Marcus Camby
    Sixth man= Manu
    Most improved.... this is a hard one. But I pick Rondo or Bynum.
    Coach of the year= Byron Scott
    Rookie. Al Horford.

    Check out what espn's got to say
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    I picked LeBron, because getting assists, being a team leader, and team player is what its all about. Points Rebound Steals and Assists.

    CP3 for the turn around of the Hornets. and his steals, points, and assists.

    Camby keeps on improving, and defensively with 3.6 blocks per game, he is the defensive player of the year.

    COY. Byron Scott, great coach.

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    My votes for the 2008 NBA Awards are:
    MVP: Chris Paul
    Rookie of the Year: Kevin Durant
    Defensive Player of the Year: Josh Smith
    Sixth Man of the Year: Manu Ginobili
    Most Improved Player: Hedo Turkoglu
    Coach of the Year: Byron Scott
    Jeremon Linbury

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    MVP = Kobe Bryant
    Defensive POY = Kevin Garnett
    Sixth Man = Manu Ginobili (don't really care)
    Most Improved: Hedo Turkoglu or Rajon Rando
    Coach of the year = Byron Scott
    ROY = Al Horford

    Chris Paul actually deserves it a little more than Kobe, but this will be the season they finally reward the so-called "Greatest Scorer who ever played the game" (Jordan being the Greatest Player who ever played the game) the MVP (Chris Paul fans need not worry since he's very much likely gonna win it next season). Kobe finally demonstrated the right kind of leadership to make his team a strong favorite to win the Championship. Everyone doubted before the season this will happen but Kobe proved them all wrong. If Kobe doesn't win it this year, mark my words he'll NEVER will. FYI: I've NEVER been a Kobe fan (even hating him for his attitude and overconfidence in years past), but this year I think he has matured well enough and has earned my respect for how he led the Lakers. This year he finally was not just a "Scorer", he became a "Player".

    For Defensive POY, hopefully for this season it doesn't center on stats. Similar to how Steve Nash won his MVP's, it should be how the player has transformed a team and made his teammates better, and for this case a team that had no defense a year ago to best defensive team in the league. That man is KG. He has put the "D" on every Celtic, and it spread quickly like a virus. People would argue and say Thibodeau is behind it. But still, KG was the motor that made it possible.

    Sixth Man of the Year: Just wanted to say that I haven't been a big fan of this award ever since winners were players who were technically 6th men just because they came off the bench, but actually played more minutes than most starters.

    ROY: All Durant does is score, and he's lucky he's on a team that makes him the no.1 option. His stats are terrible (shooting is way off too). And he's a ballhog. This would be much easier for Horford had he averaged 14 and 10 (currently 10.2 and 9.6 with a game to play).
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    mvp: zach
    defensive player : eddy curry
    six man:Malik rose
    most imporved: jermoe james
    Coach of the year : isiah thomas
    roy: wilson chandler

    that is the best team in the world jajajajjajajajaja
    got damn we suck the only one that good there is wilson

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    MVP - Kobe Lebron should be getting more votes because his team stinks without him

    ROY - Kevin Durant

    Defensive Player - Kevin Garnett

    6th Man -Ginobli

    Most Improved - Turkoglu

    Coach of the year - Byron Scott with Rick Adelman and Mo Cheeks close seconds
    Gms, coaches, players may change but as long as Dolan is in charge the results will stay the same.

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    MVP - Chris Paul
    ROY - Al Horford
    Def. Player -
    6th Man - Ginobli
    Most Improved - Hedo
    Coach of Year - Byron Scott
    Will we ever win a championship again? Id like to think so!

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    MVP - Chris Paul
    ROY - Al Horford
    DPOY - Kevin Garnett
    6th man - Ginobili
    Most Improved - Hedo
    COY - Bryon Scott

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    The Official MSG33 End Of Season Awards

    I didnt reply initially because i wanted more time to think about it.

    MVP-Kobe Bryant

    Rookie of the Year-Al Horford

    Defensive Player of the Year-Marcus Camby

    6th Man of the Year-Ginobli

    Most Improved-Turkoglu

    Coach of the Year-MO Cheeks

    MVP-I gave it to Kobe (no homo) for a couple reasons. I hate Michael Jordan and anything that helps me argue that kobe is greater makes me happy. Im hopin Kobe can win a couple more championships. Some of you may not respect the way I chose the MVP, well your not alone. I cant even respect it myself. But in my defense the Lakers were playing great before the acquisition of Pau Gasol. Kobe is playing better then ever while deferring to his teammates. Hes also a great defender, one of the best at the shooting guard position.

    If you ask me what player has the biggest impact on their team, I would have to say Lebron James followed by Chris Paul. If the Hornets were in the East I dont think they would be as bad without Chris Paul as the Cavs would be without Lebron.

    Rookie of the Year-I had to go with Horford over Durrant because the Hawks are in the playoffs and the Soncis are the worst team in the league.

    Defensive Player of the Year-Averaging 3.6 blocks, Camby is the best shot blocker in the NBA. He is also the 2nd best rebounder, and his presence down low alters alot of shots.

    6th Man of the Year-Ginobli brings toughness, offense, defense, passing, leadership, and teamplay off the bench. You cant ask for a better player coming off the bench. He got snubbed from the all-star game.

    Most Improved Player of the Year-In my opinion Turkoglu has been a bigger part of the Magic then Rashard Lewis. His passying and offense have been a huge suprise at least to me. Hes a very smart and underrated player. I hate to admit this but I had to give Rondo some consideration for this award, he has progressed throughout the season and hes a very solid point guard now. We'll see how he does in the playoffs.

    Coach of the Year-Mo Cheeks did an incredible job with the 76ers. I have to admit that at the beginning of the season the 76ers were the only team I was counting out in the East. They sonned me. Not only were they not the worst team but their in the playoffs. Im happy for them, its always good to see a team overachieve because of the large number of teams that underachieve (knicks, bulls, etc.) Great job done by Mo Cheeks, the former gm (i cant think of his name), and the entire 76ers team.
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