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Thread: Final Grades!

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    Default Final Grades!

    Well professors its that time of the year again lets see if any players grades went up from the All Star Break

    Zach Randolph: C Zach was pretty much a bust for the Knicks even though he did put up decent numbers. I wanted to give him a C+ because his rebounding numbers, but take in account that his previous team did better without him, and his current team could not mesh in large part because of him, I think a C was a really good grade for him.

    David Lee: B- My favorite current Knick was a bit of a let down this season. Ok Zach's addition didnt help, but something was different this season. I say trade him while his stock is still high (but that is for another thread). But D Lee still was a team player this season, and one of the positive players this year.

    Q: D Another favorite Knick, but for the second time in 3 years Q had shooting whoas. The grit and fight was there, but we need his J. But maybe it is every other season he needs to go through bad shooting.

    Steph: Inc. Injuries, and passing Father make it hard to really give a grade

    Jamal Crawford: C Numbers were up, and so were shots, showed no new element to his game this year. Assist were up because he played a lot of PG. D still non existent. Hard to really knock Jamal because he is one of the good guys in the league ( I saw him giving autographs after a blowout loss), but until Jamal learns to stop with the streetball moves in games, and learns to defend he is just another talented scorer in the leage ie. Isiah Rider

    Nate Robinson: B Honestly Nate to me had a pretty good season. He was a bit more under control this season. Played hard every night, cant say that for every Knick. Took over games when it was needed, instead of everytime he was in.

    Fred Jones: C Played pretty good D, did what was asked of him. I think he would be a good fit to a championship contender, but not a good player for our team.

    Jared Jefferies: D+ A little bit better than last year. Looked at times better on the offensive end. Still not the Stopper he signed to be. Even with offensive improvements, still flat out sucks on offense.

    Eddy Curry: D Nearly let him off the hook with a Inc. but I think he played enough to grade. After being branded the franchise player, and talking in the off season about knowing how he needed to come into this season in shape and with a better sense of Defense, Curry came in about 10lbs lighter (which is still like 20lb over weight) and he amazingly looked worst on Defense this season. Way too fragile for NY. Did he even hit 30 once this season? Even better did he even grab 10 boards this season?

    Malik Rose on the court: F Non Existent!

    Malik Rose off the court: A cant say enough for a guy who has won in this league and stands by quietly during this season

    Renaldo Balkman: C-/D+ not sure if his regression was from lack of PT or did he really have nothing more to offer this season? I guess we'll have to wait and see next year. But Renaldo had games like the Denver home game where he won the game for us, but far too many games where he made no difference at all.

    Mardy Collins: F I thought he would be the next Derek Harper for us. From the start of this season he just looked lost. He couldnt earn minutes with the only other PG down for the season!

    Randolph Morris: F Not ready for the league yet

    Jerome James: WOW I really forgot all about him this season! He really just blended into the bench. Is there really a need to grade him anymore? Needs to be bought out
    "I'd Rather Melo shoot with 3 men on him than Jefferies shotting wide open"

    -Jeff Van Gundy

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    Jamal Crawford - C
    Q-Rich - D
    Jared Jeffries - F
    David Lee - B
    Nate Robinson - B
    Eddy Curry - F
    Zach Randolph - C
    Malik Rose - ?
    Wilson Chandler - C (not enough playing time to really say but looked good in last couple of weeks)
    Jermone James - He still a knick?
    Mardy Collins - ?
    Stephon Marbury - E
    Fred Jones - C+
    Renaldo Balkman - D (still not enough Off. skills but like his hustle, more playing time!!!)
    Randolph Morris - ?

    A good coach and some of these players will really develop and become much better than they are right now. Nate, Lee and Chandler in particular.
    Will we ever win a championship again? Id like to think so!

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    Nyk Logo Grades

    Jamal Crawford - B-
    Q-Rich - D
    Jared Jeffries - D
    David Lee - B
    Nate Robinson - B
    Eddy Curry - F-
    Zach Randolph - C
    Malik Rose - ?
    Mardy Collins - D
    Stephon Marbury - N/A
    Fred Jones - C+
    Renaldo Balkman - D wasnt the same like last year
    Randolph Morris - D- not ready for nba send to d league
    Jerome James- F- shouldd never of been in the nba to begin with

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    Zach Randolph:C-

    David Lee: B+

    Q: F

    Steph: N/A,

    Jamal Crawford: B

    Nate Robinson: B

    Fred Jones: B, Overall I am pleased with how Freddy played.

    Jared Jefferies: C

    Eddy Curry: F

    Malik Rose on the court: F

    Renaldo Balkman: C, Didn't have much chances this season.

    Mardy Collins: D-, he didn't have much chances this year.

    Randolph Morris: F-

    Wilson Chandler: C overall. Last 20 games B+

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    Nate Robinson B- (Nate Robinson has grown as a player, offensively, but he still hasn't learned how to be a good team player; he has no true position, because he plays like a shooting guard and has the body of a point guard)

    Stephon Marbury C (He was injured for most of the season, but he still supported the team, once the ban was lifted and Isiah was fired)

    Mardy Collins D (He played well, defensively, but offensively, he was horrible. He couldn't even make a free throw or a lay up)

    Fred Jones B- (He was an excellent role player that played defense and could score. He played his role with the team well. He just needs to play more aggresive, so that he could help the team even more)

    Jamal Crawford B- (Jamal Crawford has improved his offense tremendously, this season, but his defense is still terrible, and his shot selection is still terrible.)

    Quentin Richardson D (This was just a terrible season for Q, and like Curry, most of it is his fault. Richardson is about 15 pounds overweight, and it hurt his offense tremendously, as he went on to shoot 35% from the field)

    Wilson Chandler B+ (Wilson Chandler made the most out of his playing time. He scored, rebounded, and defended)

    Renaldo Balkman C (he played good, when he was given minutes, but he looked shaky, when his minutes were cut. This is not all his fault)

    Jared Jeffries C (Jared Jeffries played poorly for most of the season, but for the last month and a half, he showed improvement; he has potential)

    Zach Randolph B- (His defense and team play was bad, but he still played hard on most nights, and he produced good numbers, scoring wise and rebounding wise. He's currently the most productive player in the Knick frontcourt)

    David Lee B (He played great team ball, his offense improved, and he can rebound at a high level. He needs improvement defensively)

    Malik Rose C- (Rose played decent, in his limited minutes. However, he's not someone that can consistantly perform at a high level)

    Randolph Morris C- (Morris did not get a lot of minutes, but when he did get minutes, it was a nightmare)

    Eddy Curry D (Not only did Eddy Curry not live up to expectations offensively, he continued to play terrible defense, and he was non-existant on the boards. His conditioning was terrible, and he looks like he actually gained weight. He needs lots of improvement)

    Jerome James D (He didn't get any minutes, but he didn't keep himself ready to play any minutes. Not only did he gain about 20 pounds over the summer, but he also complained to the media and said, "use me, or lose me."
    Jeremon Linbury

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    Nyk Logo

    I thought the entire Knick team did great this season at reaching their goal. The Knicks Plan was to get the top Lottery Pick this season.
    We traded for a Franchise Player (Zach Randolph) that lead his previous team to three seasons of Lottery Picks.

    The Knicks surrounded their whole offense/defense plan around Zach Randolph & Jamal Crawford 33 mpg performance this season (both players lead their previous teams to great Lottery Picks).
    This season Knick Plan was the oposite of the last two previous season Knick plans with surrounding the players around the 33 mpg performance of Stephon Marbury & Eddy Curry.

    The Knicks would'nt have got any Lottery Ping-Pong Balls this season if Francis & Frye was on the team, so the trade for Zach Randolph had to be to get some lottery ping-pong balls.
    So the Knick Team played great this season at reaching their main goal, with a poor decision making coach and coaching staff.

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    Zach Randolph: C-
    Zach showed his talent but its hard to give him a bad grade. He wasnt much of a team player but the same can be said for the rest of the team.

    David Lee: B
    David Lee was solid again, he did his thing. He even began to develop a jumper as the season progressed. Although i wouldnt say it ever became consistent, maybe it can next year.

    Q-Rich: D+
    He started to play better towards the end of the season but still never looked like last years Q-Rich

    Starbury: C+
    He had alot of things happen to him but hopefully he comes back strong next year and proved the critics wrong. I thought Marbury played above average when he did play, but he didnt look like the 06-07 Marbury. He was never able to get into a rhythm because of.....

    Jamal Crawford: D-
    Why does Crawford get an D-? because he plays no defense and hes not aggresive on offense. Anyone can jack up 3 pointers all game but if he used his ball handling skills to get to the hoop he would get frequent trips to the free throw line where hes very good.

    Nate Robinson: C+
    Nate is very close to being a B- but not quite there. I didnt see enuff consistency from him but he showed signs of growth. Hes gotta keep workin hard and become more consistent.

    Fred Jones: C
    Fred Jones proved himself as a good role player. He came off the bench and played good defense. He had some nice dunks and some games where he was able to score some points but for the most part he was quiet on offense.

    Jared Jeffries: D
    If i factored in what hes gettin paid he would be an F. Jeffries is hyped up as this good defender which he is at times. At other times he didnt look like much of a defender, allowin players to go right by him.

    Eddy Curry: F
    F*ckin Fat piece of sh1t

    Malik Rose: D-
    I gave him a D- because at least he wants to win unlike Curry.

    Renaldo Balkman: C-
    Balkman only had one stretch where he was gettin consistent minutes. He looked good at times but his value has dropped some. His energy is always useful but he gambled too much on defense. Hes still one of the 3 best defenders on the Knicks but he needs to become more disciplined and add some strength. When i say his value has dropped im speakin from the perspective of others but to me he can still be a good small forward.

    Mardy Collins: D+
    Mardy has potential, hes got good hands on defense but very little offense and hes turnover prone. I think his injury slowed him down a step.

    Randolph Morris: F
    (sorry kiyaman)

    Wilson Chandler: B+
    Gets the best grade on the team, keep up the good work Wilson!

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