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    Default The NY Post's 10 worst IT moves do you agree?

    I don't think the Anucha Browne Saunders was the worst part of the Isiah era, it just was the most damaging to him

    Here is my top 10

    10. Uses MLE on Vin Baker

    9. Snubs Walt Clyde on working with Mardy Collins

    8. Channing Frye over Bynum: The Draft can be a crap shoot, but the Knicks had just traded away Kurt Thomas who was Frye only with a pair cohonies.

    7. Lenny Wilkens hire: Finished his days in Toronto a loser, and was considered out of touch by those players, not the type of coach you go into rebuilding mode with

    6. Penny Hardaway and Ariza for Steve Fancis: Lakers and Magic both benefited from this move, The Knicks didnt

    5. Jared Jefferies MLE: Isiah labled him an All NBA Defender when he signed him, and then had him apart of every trade package offered. Isiah actually used a trade kicker to force Washington from resigning him, looks like you out smarted yourself Zeke!

    4.Eddy Curry trade: Had we lost just one lottery pick instead of two this move is forgivable, but two picks for Eddy is horrible

    3. Zach Randolph trade: This season would be Steve Francis's last year with The Knicks, we would be at 42 million dollars in cap the year after next, but instead we will have two more years of "The Zach Whole"

    2. The Three game win streak this season! The Knicks would have finished with the 3rd worst record in the league, meaning they would be promised no lower than a 6th pick, now we hope we land between 5 and 6. All he had to do was just keep losing!

    1. Jerome James: Vin Baker at times provided emotional leadership in the locker room, Jared Jefferies occasionally makes a play, but Jerome James has done nothing for The Knicks! As the post states, no other teams wanted him, we could have had Diop for 4 million less per season, and he would have helped us out way way more. Jerome is the worst Knick FA signing to date! He came to work drunk, he has gotten into fights with player (lil Nate of all people!) and most importantly he actually does not know how to play basketball!
    "I'd Rather Melo shoot with 3 men on him than Jefferies shotting wide open"

    -Jeff Van Gundy

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    Thats a pretty good detailed/well ordered list.

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