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    Originally Posted by metrocard
    You guys are clowns
    There wouldn't be a game 7 if there wasn't no Smith or Horford.
    Its their first time in the playoffs; they're still some of the best young fowards in the NBA.
    LOL @ herb ass *****s always being wrong
    So you're saying Smith played well yesterday?

    Smith is one of the best young players in the NBA but he makes dumb decisions and really doesn't know how to play the game. I don't question his potential, I question whether he'll be able to reach it. Somebody need to tell him to stop taking jump shots and 3s oh wait I'm sorry, they already have, except he doesn't listen.

    Horford will be in AllStar.
    Gms, coaches, players may change but as long as Dolan is in charge the results will stay the same.

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    Garnetts a herb, and so is Pierce, wtf was he thinking when he threw that blood **** up? wtf is Pierce gonna do? Get stabbed again?

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    The Hawks didnt play well on the road but thats not suprising with them being a young team with very little expericience. They did more then anyone expected on the road, this was suppose to be a sweep. We'll see this team continue to grow next year. For a team that won 29 less games then the celtics to make it a 7 game series.....joe johnson, josh smith, al horford, and the rest of the team deserves alot of respect. I think we'll see alot more growth again next year from Horford, Smith, and Marvin williams.

    Originally Posted by JUNIOR MINT
    Garnetts a herb, and so is Pierce, wtf was he thinking when he threw that blood **** up? wtf is Pierce gonna do? Get stabbed again?
    I couldnt agree more, Garnett and Pierce are both bitches.

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